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Staff Spotlight

Sander Wolbers

Even when Sander is assisting on the marketing side of things, he’s also staying busy fulfilling all of our teams requests (which are A LOT). Deals with all the technical issues that our team runs into (which happen often) and is also probably doing 5 other essential things that he’ll surprise the team with. Sander is studying in the Netherlands and has been an intern for our team for the past 6 months, he has been vital to our teams growth & continued success. If this doesn’t tell you what kind of person Sander is, I don’t know what will; actually, this Q & A just might.

Favorite Restaurant?
For lunch you can usually find me at the Bridge, where I always get the all day breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon. Else, Collies is my go to place. I love that gravedigger sandwich. For dinner, I can highly recommend the Prime steakhouse, their steaks are absolutely amazing. These restaurants are just one minute away from our office on Main Street!

Favorite Activity?
I love my guitar. On the weekends or when I get off work, I usually play for a couple of hours. Outdoors, I usually find one of the many trails in Park City to go hiking. The views you have from the top are an incredible reward that you get for going up there.

Favorite Annual Event?
Since I haven’t experienced my first Sundance yet, I have to say Christmas. There’s just something about being around your family and friends, being thankful for all that you have and of course the amazing dinner.

“Must See” in Park City?
There’s so much to see in Park City! I would say you walk up Main Street and go in some of the stores, there’s amazing art and great food!

Favorite Place To Be?
As long as my friends and/or family are around, I can feel at home anywhere!

Weirdest Job You’ve Ever Had?
I didn’t have any weird jobs (yet, but I once read about a company hiring a ‘Professional Apologizer’…

What Would Surprise Us Most About You?
I’m Dutch, 19 years old and will graduate from college in one and a half years.


Side Note: Sander’s last day is today and is heading back to the Netherlands. We really appreciate all of his hard work and dedication to bettering the team and a lot of our processes. Sander really left some big shoes to fill here at The Lawson Team. You’ll be missed and we hope to see you soon!

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